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Kingdom Hearts: Soul Crossed

Chapter 2: Paths are Set



Destiny Islands



Roxas sighed, his hand going to his head as he tried to blink the stars away.  He tried to remember just which member of the Organization had cleaned his clock this time.  He needed to know who he owed a beating to later.  It wasn't until he opened his eyes and realized the room didn't look at all familiar that he understood where he was.  The Organization was dead.  He had merged with Sora.  And then…he vaguely remembered Sora calling out, in trouble, and then the rush of being again.  

He sat up quickly, regretting it as soon as he did.  "Sora!"  He looked around, seeing Riku, the King, and his men, but of his other half there was no sign.  He cursed quietly under his breath and sat up, but a hand came down on his shoulder.  

"Hey, relax there.  You took a whale of a header inta the wall."  

Roxas looked up into Goofy's eyes and nodded, still trying to blink away the stars.  "Where's Sora?  And Kairi?"

"Gone," Riku said coldly.  "Whoever they were, they took them and we have no idea where."

"Aww, come on Riku.  We'll find them," Mickey said, even though he looked worried.  "We just gotta search."

"And we need to get Kairi back," Roxas said, standing up.  

"Yeah, because you wouldn't care if Sora was left behind," Riku said venomously.

"Riku!" Donald cried in astonishment.

"What are you implying?" Roxas got up in Riku's face.

"I'm saying you don't care what happens to my friend!  Now that you have a life again, you have no reason to want him back here!"

Roxas snarled and drew his Keyblade, Riku doing the same.  Both boys stared each other down.  "Hey." Donald said, reaching up to grab Roxas' arm.

"Now Riku, no need…"  Riku brushed Goofy away.  The two boys rushed in, swinging the Keyblades at each other and there was a loud clang.

The King had stepped between the two, his own Keyblades holding off theirs, the metal grinding on metal as both tried to force past him.  "We don't have time for this,"  Mickey said, anger radiating off him.  He knocked both combatants back.  "You two want to keep fighting while the real enemy is getting away?"

Roxas opened his mouth to argue his case, but a moan behind one of the knocked-over bookshelves caught his attention.  Both he and Riku rushed toward the female voice, and Roxas was overjoyed to see Namine lying there.  Roxas knew he was tied with the blond Nobody witch, just as Sora was bound to Kairi.  Each boy reached out a hand, helping the girl to her feet.  Roxas was not surprised to see her wearing the same outfit he'd met her in, a white nightgown, given his own garb.

"Are you alright?"  Mickey asked.

"I'm okay, but…Kairi…"  she put a hand to her head.  "She's not dead, but she's in great danger."

            "How do you know?"  Riku asked, curiosity and fear mingling in his voice.

            "I…feel her, in my head.  There is a connection between us I think.  Even without hearing any of her thoughts, I feel her fear and pain."  Namine shook her head.  "It's very disconcerting."

            "Can you track her like that?"  Riku asked, hope coming in his voice, but it fell when Namine shook her head.  He punched a wall in anger and sat down.

            "Don't worry, Riku.  We'll find them," Donald said.

            "That's right!  We did before, and we will again."  Mickey said, smiling.

            "Well, if we're going to find them, we better figure out what our next move is then," Roxas said.  He was eager to be doing something, anything right now.  He didn't like being bested, especially by a cheap shot, and he knew Sora was waiting for him again.

            "Our next move?" Riku said, suspicion running through his tone.

            "Yes, our next move.  You can't expect me just to sit this out."

           "I want you to stay away from me and my friends.  I don't want you anywhere near them."

           "You need us, Riku.  You may not want the help or like it, but you need us," Namine said, putting a hand on his arm.  "Like it or not, we are worried about them too."

           "Us?" Roxas said, blinking in unbelief.  "Namine, you can't be serious about going too.  You'll be in more danger."

           "I can handle myself.  I learned enough magic to be of some use to you guys, and I want to help."  She blushed a little.  "Riku, do you think I can borrow something from Kairi to wear?  I don't want to be running around in just this."  She motioned to her nightgown.

           "Uh…yeah, I don't think she'd mind…"  Riku looked like it was the last thing he wanted to make a decision on and Roxas nearly laughed.  "Uhm…let's head over to Kairi's, and we can figure out what we're doing from there."


*        *        *        *        *


The group arrived at Kairi's house and Namine excused herself to change upstairs.  Roxas was still not fully pleased that Namine was coming along.  She had been in enough danger already.  He took a seat as far away from Riku as he could, not wanting to get into a fight with the boy.  He could understand why Riku might have some trust issues with him.  The last time the two had met, they'd been on opposite sides.  After his defeat, Riku had plunged deeper into the darkness.  It had taken Sora to return him toward the light.  

The 'war council' decided to wait on Namine, and soon Mickey and his men were talking with Riku.  Roxas tried to stay out of the conversation as much as possible.  This was the first time he truly felt like an outsider, and he wasn't sure how to act around these guys.  All he knew was that he needed to find Sora.  They were part of each other, and Sora was in danger.  Besides, he felt the need to help rescue Kairi, almost as though he was feeling what Sora would have for her.  It was very strange.

           Namine came down the stairs and for a moment, Roxas' heart stopped.  The dress she had found was a deep black, with a low v-neck, short, v-shaped sleeves, all trimmed with a side, silver lace that was reminiscent of a fleur de l'is. The bodice was tight, seeming to cling to her form, while the skirt, separated from the bodice with another wide v of the lace, flared out at the hips, wide and round, trimmed along the bottom with more of that silver lace. The stockings rose to just above her ankles, topped with a point and again trimmed in the lace, and there were matching gloves, the point of which was just below the wrist, pointing towards the elbow, with more lace trim. The shoes were a shining black, with medium heels, and a silver fleur de l'is decorating the top, front of each. In short she was gorgeous.

           Namine took a seat next to Roxas, gripping his hand slightly as she sat.  Roxas smiled, but turned serious as Mickey spoke up.  "I think in order for us to find Sora and Kairi, we need to find out more about our enemy."

           "Mickey, you seemed to know who he was."  Riku said, "You called him Restin as soon as you ran in."

           Mickey nodded.  "I found that much out, at least.  We were at Radiant Garden , working with Cid and Tron to uncover more about the Heartless, when Tron came across an encrypted file the MCP had left behind.  We weren't able to get much from it, but it appeared to be a file put there by the original Ansem."

           "In it," Mickey continued, "was reference to a shady group Ansem had come across in his travels.  They acted like the heartless, going after living beings, but were not after hearts."

           "What were they after?"  Riku asked.

           "We don't know," Donald said sadly.

           "The file is heavily guarded and we barely pulled bits of data.  It was written like the journals he wrote when I first met him, but it was like we were pulling torn strips of paper from the file at best.  We did manage to get the name of the leader, Restin, and a little bit about him.  From the description, I recognized him when we arrived."  Mickey seemed somber about it.  "We would have been here sooner, to warn you, but he sent Heartless out to intercept us.  We barely made it here."

            "So, I take it you want us to go with you to Radiant Garden and see if they've found out more?"  Roxas said.

            "No, I'm sending you three to the Garden.  Goofy, Donald and I will return to the castle so that we can see if we can learn more in our archives."  Roxas looked at Riku, neither happy with this arrangement.

            Namine looked at them both, then turned to Mickey.  "We'll do it."  She ignored the looks from the boys.  "How will we contact you?"

            Mickey shook his head.  "We'll meet you there.  Do not leave without us."

            Namine nodded and stood.  "You can count on us."

            "Thank you,"  Mickey said.

            "Just one minute.  How are we going to travel two different directions with one gummi ship?  Last I checked, we didn't have one here."  Riku said.

            "We flew in two.  I anticipated we might need to split up.  Donald will leave his here and fly with me."

            "Now wait just a minute," Donald said, turning on Mickey, "why do I have to give them mine?  Why can't they take yours?"

            "Now, Donald we discussed this…"  

"Don't give me that!"

"Donald, just give them the ship.  I'm sure they'll take good care of it,"  Goofy said.  Donald fumed, folding his arms and muttering to himself.  "They're only going to the Garden with it."

"That's right, Donald, and Cid's got a gummi ship for them there,"  Mickey added.

"But your Majesty…"  Donald tried to protest, but Mickey made it quite clear the argument was over.  "Oh fine," he said, and he marched off, Goofy trailing after.

Mickey watched them go, turning back to the other three.  "Be careful, you guys.  The Heartless are out in force now, and they are attacking wherever they can."   

"We will, your Majesty," Riku said, following the King out.   

Roxas stood, looking at Namine.  "Are you sure you want to come?  This is going to be dangerous."

"Roxas," Namine said, holding out her hands and a giant brush appeared in them, "the Organization didn't call me a witch for nothing." Roxas looked at the brush, seeing that it was more of a staff, like what Donald carried.  He was about to say more when loud arguing could be heard from outside.  They looked at each other, then rushed outside.  Riku was standing on Kairi's porch, arguing with three teens, all holding weapons of sorts.  Roxas thought about helping out, but Riku seemed to know them and so he hung back.

"Riku, we're not going to be left behind.  Sora and Kairi are our friends too," a blond haired boy said.  The two other kids backed him up.

"I'm not saying that you aren't, but you can't come," Riku said, his arms folded.   

This brought more arguing and Roxas rolled his eyes.  They didn't have time for this.  He was shocked as Namine walked past him over to the group.  He reached out his hand to stop her, but she was determined and had moved beyond his reach.  *Dammit, we don't know these people.*  He hurried to join her as she reached the threesome.   

Namine looked at the boy carrying the sword, who seemed to be the leader of these three.  "And who will protect your home if you go?" she said softly, but the question pierced the argument as though she had shouted.  All four turned towards her.  "If you leave, no one will stop these beings from destroying everything you love."  She gestured around.  "You know what you are fighting, and you have proven yourselves.  So stay here and protect your home, or come with us and pray you have something to come home to."

The three looked almost abashed at her statement.  It was obvious none of them had thought about it, but they nodded, vowing to guard this place with their lives. Namine gave them a smile, then walked past them with Riku and Roxas following, her expression turning serious as soon as they were far enough out of sight.  "That was impressive," Roxas said.  *And a bit scary.*

"We don't have time to baby-sit and none of them have any true scope of what is to come," she said, smiling as she did, "But they may learn while staying here and become the fighters they will need to be."

"What do you mean by that?" Roxas asked.

Riku looked at him, a little contempt in his voice.  "You were part of Organization XIII.  You should know there is danger coming.  I have felt it ever since I helped Sora and Mickey close the door to light."

Namine nodded.  "All three of them are important to this upcoming fight, but there will be others to fight alongside them, friends they have made.  Those three are tied to this as well.  They will learn, and they will be there when war comes."

Roxas shook his head.  He didn't want to believe that it was true.  Yet, he could not deny he had felt the rumblings, both when he'd been with the Organization and after, when he was in Twilight Town.  He didn't know what they were when he was in Twilight Town, but now he could not deny they had been the same.  None of the Organization members had thought what he'd had to say was very important when he'd told them.  None except Axel anyway.  They were more concerned with their own plots and plans, too caught up in the small things to see the monster behind them.   

War was much too large to think about right now.  He'd leave that to Sora and the others once this was over and he rejoined with the hero.  "Let's go then.  The sooner we find those two, the better."  He put his hand out, looking at Riku.  "We're in this together, win or lose, agreed?"

Riku looked surprised, but he nodded, a begrudging look on his face.  "Together."  He added his hand to Roxas'.

Namine's hand laid atop both.  "Until the end of the road, wherever it may be."  They nodded to each other, their pact to each other sealed, and they hurried off toward the gummi ship.  "Hang in there, Kairi.  We're coming…"  Namine said, and Roxas couldn't help but add his own silent wish that both of them were alright.  



*        *        *        *        *        *        *






"Hang in there, Kairi.  We're coming…"


Kairi fought back to consciousness, the voice reverberating in her head.  She was stiff and sore, and when she tried to move, she found out why.  Her arms were shackled above her head and she had been left to hang in a standing position.  She tried to work out the kinks as best she could. The last thing she remembered was Sora fighting some villain, then she remembered a large pain as it felt like she was being ripped apart.  She remembered feeling like her body was going to be torn in half and then she collapsed.

"Sora.  Riku," she called softly as she looked around.  There was no response, but in the dimly lit dungeon, she could make out a figure in the darkness.  One.  That gave her hope that someone had gotten away.  It also meant that this time, she wasn't alone.

She struggled in the chains, but they held fast.  *Okay, being the damsel in distress is getting really old,* she thought sourly.  Anger ran through her and her tail twitched angrily.  She paused, taking a second to think that over.  *Wait a minute.  My tail?*  That shocked her into almost panicking.  It took a lot of will to rein in her fear and remember that Sora had said that on certain worlds, he had to change forms to fit in.  It was possible that she was an animal for that reason.  If that was true, who had changed her?  With Sora, it had been with Donald's magic.

Voices caused her to hold still and she closed her eyes.  If anybody came in, she wanted to get the drop on them.  They'd see she wasn't as helpless as they thought she was.

"Mr. Sheriff sir, should we be here?  I thought that fellar wanted us helping to guard…"

"I know what he said we should be doing, but I only take orders from Prince John himself, and he hasn't told me nothin', so you just follow my orders," a voice interrupted, probably belonging to this sheriff.

"Yessir Mr. Sheriff sir."

"Sheriff, I still don't like it.  It's one thing to go after outlaws, but going after royalty don't sit right with me," a third voice said.

"Trigger, if I hear one more thing about this, I'm gonna knock your head in.  We do as we're told, see?  Besides, no exile is worth gettin' riled up about."

"Yes sir.  I've just got a feelin' in my bones that something's about to happen is all.  I've taken the safety off ol' Bessie ever since that man and his dark followers showed."  Trigger sounded a bit paranoid about all this.


"Yes, Sheriff?"

"Why don't you take the lead?"

"Yes sir," Trigger said sheepishly.  

There were sounds of them leaving and Kairi opened her eyes again.  *Dark followers?  Could be Heartless, or whatever attacked us in the house.*  Now more than ever, Kairi wanted to be free.  Those men were going to be after royalty and she didn't want to imagine what they'd do when they found them.  She shook the chains in anger, trying to get free, but all it did was cut into her fur.

She tried to wake the other form in the room, hoping her mind wasn't playing tricks on her, but whoever it was did not respond.  She frowned, her whiskers twitching.  This was getting her nowhere.  She could see the torches in the hall, so she had some light, but she couldn't tell whether it was day or night.

After what seemed like hours of hanging there and trying to escape, she heard voices again, low so she couldn't understand, but they were there.  Kairi felt her fur stand on end and she had to control herself into remaining still and shutting her eyes.  *Just let them get close enough.*

There were soft voices, ones just low enough Kairi could not pick them up.  As they neared the door, she caught a bit of their conversation, learning quickly that there were only two.   

"It was sure nice of Bushel Britches to loan us his keys," one said, chuckling a little.

"Indeed it was John.  We should repay his kindness soon."

Kairi nearly started.  John!  Was this the Prince the Sheriff spoke of?  She wanted to wrap her claws around him already.

"The townsfolk will be singing songs after this, Rob.  Even for you, this is a legendary mark."

"Just keep an eye out John.  I want this done quick and easy, without any mess."

Kairi gulped and forced herself to still her trembling.  She wasn't going to die without a fight.  She heard the cell door open and felt the two enter the room.  

"Well, well, not what we were expecting,"  John said, "I thought you were sure."

"I was, because I thought Marian would be the only one they'd be guarding.  I wasn't expecting anyone else."  He sighed.  "Come along John, let's do our job."

Kairi was a little confused by what was being said, but she wasn't about to let up in case they were dangerous.  This Marian could be the royalty they were after and found her instead.  She'd ask questions when she was in a better position, if she was ever in one.   She tensed just a little as one approached her.  She heard the key click in her manacles.  She roared as she leapt forward, pinning the smaller one to the wall.

"Hey," said the one known as John as he put a hand on her arm.  It earned him a clawing and the hand withdrew.  "Hey now, we're not your enemy!"  She was grabbed and thrown backward.  She stumbled and fell on her butt.  

She looked up and nearly started in shock at seeing a large grizzly bear in a green outfit, complete with a green hat.  The smaller one was a fox in similar garb and he was coughing as he rubbed his throat.  She stood warily, not completely willing to believe him.  The fox, who had to be Rob, looked at her, smiling a little.  "She sure packs a wallop."

"Yeah," John replied sourly, "and she nearly took a chunk out of my hand.  Some gratitude."

"I'm sorry, your Highness, but I wasn't really certain I wanted to be near the man who captured me," Kairi retorted.

"Your Highness?"  John said, confused.

"You hear that, John?  You've been promoted to royalty,"  Rob said, laughing.

"Well, I'll be.  Maybe next I'll be having people bow to me."  John said, an incredulous look on his face.  He tried to put on his best air of dignity.  This sent Rob into peals of laughter as he slumped against the wall.

Kairi sighed.  "I'm sorry, but I think I've been left out of the joke.  I thought you were this Prince John I overhead them talking about."   Both of them paused, then burst out laughing again, but before any explanations could be given, there was a slithering sound out in the hallway that Kairi could just barely hear over the ruckus.  Kairi leaned back, looking out the door, and scowled.  *This isn't good.*  Lit by the torches were several creatures that looked like oil covered snakes.  The way they moved looked like they had swallowed a spring, but Kairi knew they were very dangerous as they came down the hall.  The form was unmistakable to her.  "Heartless…"  There were seven total that she counted.

Rob was at her side in an instant, his face completely serious as he drew his sword.  "Stand back, my dear.  Let John and I…"

Kairi threw out her arm, her Keyblade appearing in a flash.  "You're going to need my help."  She looked sternly back at him.

Rob looked at her for a moment, then nodded.  "John, free the boy.  We'll cover you."

"Be careful Rob."

Rob gave a wry smile.  "You know me, John."

"Yeah, that's what worries me." John chuckled as Kairi and Rob focused on the incoming attack.  The snakes came in and Kairi dodged one, slicing at a second, which took a glancing blow but managed to get away.  Kairi's next blow destroyed the snake, it's body evaporating.  She managed to see Rob deflect the attack of one before slicing through another before she had to concentrate on the battle at hand.

One of the snakelike creatures leapt for her, only to run into her Keyblade.  She smiled, taking out another and a fourth.  She looked around, trying to see others, but all she saw was Rob, smiling as he sheathed his sword.  "Most impressive, my dear, most impressive."

"Thank you."  She walked over to Rob.  "You fight well yourself."

"Being praised by someone of your status, your highness, is a wonderful compliment."

"Highness?"  Kairi squeaked, caught off-guard.

Rob's face suddenly became serious and he shoved on her, trying to scrabble for her sword.  "Look out!"  Kairi saw a Heartless snake coming at them and she tried to bring up her Keyblade to defend herself.  She didn't need to.  Someone leapt from the cell and destroyed the snake, the Keyblade almost humming with the speed of it.   

Kairi felt relief flood her and she ran and hugged Sora, who let out a confused squeak.  "Hey, Kairi.  Good to see you too…"  He sounded embarrassed.  

Kairi looked up at him, surprised to see a fox's face staring back at her, but there was no mistaking those blue eyes, it had to be him, he even still had a trace of his normal hair. "I was worried about you."

Sora held her close, but before he could say more, a coughing interrupted them and they pulled apart.  "I'm sorry to break up this reunion, but do either of you know where they are holding a maid named Marian?"  Both of them shook their heads.  Rob frowned and he looked at John.  "We need to find her Johnny.  I don't know what Prince John has planned, but I know she's in danger."   

He started to run off, but the big bear grabbed him by the collar.  "Hold on there Rob.  We can't just go rushing into this.  We've already been here too long."

"John, I'm not just going to abandon her."

"We won't abandon her," Sora, said, walking up to the pair.  "We'll help you."

Kairi nodded.  "You rescued us, after all.  It's only fair we help you now."

A trumpeting was heard, and Kairi was certain an alarm had been raised.  Sora seemed to agree.  "But your friend is right.  We do Marian no good by getting caught now."  

Rob looked between the three, hoping someone would waver and it hurt Kairi to see him have to do so, but even she knew staying right now and searching would be suicidal.  "Alright, but we can't wait much longer.  Thank you both for this."

Sora nodded.  "I'm Sora."

"And I'm Kairi."

"Robin Hood, at your service my friends," he said, giving a grandiose bow, "and this is Little John."  He pulled out his bow and John balanced his staff.  "Let us escape to Sherwood."    

*        *        *        *        *        *



Prince John sat on the throne, looking down at the bowing Sheriff of Nottingham, though it was hard to make him out through the glare of anger falling into place over his eyes.  "So you mean to tell me," he said, a growl echoing through his words, "that not only did you not follow the plan, keeping up the guard where you were told to be, but that THAT rogue managed to slip past your guards, and free the prisoners we were supposed to be guarding!?"  His voice rose with each word, and with the last, he stood and threw a goblet that shattered on the wall.

        The Sheriff flinched, and rose.  "Now sire…I was only thinking of protecting your interests."

        "My…interests?!  My INTERESTS!?  You're bungling has cost me an alliance that I need to bring down that wretched cur!"  Prince John advanced on the Sheriff, trembling in rage, and the wolf began backing up.

        "Relax, your majesty…" a smooth voice said, echoing across the great hall.  A panther dressed in a motley collection of cloth walked in, a hard smile across his face.  "This little mishap may have its benefits as well."

        Prince John heard a hiss from Sir Hiss, but at least it was low.  *Thank God for that,* he thought as he watched the man walk across the room like he owned the place.  The Prince knew of the serpent's dislike for the rogue and his ways.  Prince John himself could barely stomach having a destitute in his presence.  The man did bring a substantial addition to his army though, and Prince John could hardly afford to lose him now.   

The Sheriff seemed somewhat relieved as the Prince backed down, though he growled.  "And just HOW will any of this benefit, Braxis?"

"Patience, my dear Prince.  Some things are best not discussed in front of…lesser men."

The Sheriff was towering over the smaller man in a heartbeat.  "Now listen to me you low brow…"

Braxis brushed his hand on his shirt, nonplussed.  "Now, now Sheriff," he said, mocking the Sheriff with his own voice, "why don't you just take the crawler and run along?  The Prince and I have a Kingdom to take."  Prince John nearly laughed at that.  That was one thing about this filthy creature he liked.  The man had a talent for imitation.

"I don't take orders from you, fur face."

"But you do from me, Sheriff, and I will have you remember that.  Why don't you get out of my sight before I finish what I started?"  The threat under the words was quite obvious and the Sheriff hightailed it out of the room.

"Sssurely Ssssire, you can't expect me to go too?"  Hiss said, slithering down off his seat towards the Prince.

"I do, but I expect to see you and that bungler later."  

Hiss gulped, and slithered off, his movements radiating disapproval.  Prince John could care less.  He waited until Braxis and he were alone.  "You may be important, but you do not order my men around, understand?"

"Oh, I understand perfectly.  But if you would order them around, I wouldn't have lost my prisoners."  Braxis pulled up a chair.  "If it weren't for the fact that it proved my point, I'd be withdrawing my offer to capture this Robin Hood for you."

"Your point, sir?"

"Why, about love, sire.  This Robin is desperately in love with Maid Marian.  He will do anything for her, including die trying to help her.  We put her in enough danger, and the fool will rush in, and we'll have him."  He leaned back in his chair, laughing.  "And my two captives will surely wish to help.  We'll kill two birds with one stone."

Prince John scowled.  "What type of danger are you talking about?"  He was ruthless to those that opposed him, but Maid Marian had not done so…yet, and she was Richard's cousin.  Should he somehow make it back from that craziness Hiss had hypnotized him into, he didn't want him using her as a martyr to rally the people.  He wanted her as a hostage.

"She'll be fine and in no real danger.  What we need to do is make him think she is.  Maybe threaten a public execution.  Announce it to the people.  Except it won't be the real Marian led to the gallows.  Someone dressed as her with a shroud or some such should be able to mask our duplicate nicely enough."  Braxis ran his claws gently along the table top, grinning.

Prince John began to smile.  "And then when the fools come to rescue her..."

"We spring the trap and capture them all," Braxis finished, picking up a goblet and downing some.  Prince John cackled in delight at the plan.  Braxis eyed him.  "What you do with the rogues is none of my business, but I must express that you not harm my captives.  They are important to us."

Prince John waived a hand dismissively.  "You'll get what you desire, young man.  So long as I have Robin Hood, that is."

"That's all I ask."  He stood up.  "We'll discuss the specifics on the morrow."

"Wait.  Why are these two so important to you?  I know one is royalty, but I've never seen her.  The other seems to be some ruffian.  What are they to you?"  Prince John watched his partner closely and his body did tense a little.  

"Who they are is no concern, your highness."

"They are when I know nothing of them.  I am the king and you will tell me what I want to know."

"They are dangerous criminals, and though I shouldn't tell you more, the princess is an exile, bewitched by the rogue with her.  She was to be…my bride."

"I see," John said, bristling at his impudence.  The fool thought he could lie to the king and get away with it.  He forced himself to remain calm.  "Well, if you would be so kind as to show my men back in on your way out, Braxis…"

"Yes, your Majesty,"  Braxis bowed, his cape brushing the floor and he turned on his heel, walking out.  

"I do like the sound of that phrase," John said under his breath, smiling.  The prince waited until both Hiss and the Sheriff were back in the room and the door was shut before he flopped down on the throne again, rubbing his paws greedily.  

"Sssire, I don't sssee why you trust that ssslippery creature."

"I don't, Hiss,"  Prince John said, smiling, "but sometimes, one must use a criminal to catch one."

"So you mean to tell me all that rubbish he's spewing on about, about change and working together against the rabble in this kingdom…"

"Means nothing to me, Sheriff.  He is a means to an end.  His, and Robin Hood's.  I swore I'd give all my gold if I could get rid of him, and this way, I don't have to.  Ah ha!"  He laughed, standing and walking to the window.  "His 'men' are not as loyal to him as he believes they are.  They are clamoring to be let loose among the poor and I have promised them as much when I have Robin Hood."  He could see the aghast look on his minions' faces, but he didn't care.  "They will flock to me and I will have control of them then."

"B..But Sssire!"

"Silence, Hiss, or I shall feed you to them myself."  He watched Hiss gulp, glad the serpent feared him too much to betray him. The threat had been enough to shut him up.  "Now, our friend has an ingenious plan for Robin's capture."  He paused, allowing himself a moment to revel in his own genius.  "And once I have Robin Hood secured, I will use his own men to tear him apart along with Robin Hood, our two escapees, and anyone else foolish enough to get in my way."  He began to laugh, a cruel chuckle that seemed to shake his men to the core.
Here is chapter two (finally) and I hope people like it

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