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Kingdom Hearts: Soul Crossed

Prologue: Plots and Plans

The Edge of Existence

Teren trudged through the stone halls of the castle, his eyes focused straight ahead as he forced himself forward with each step.  It was missions like this last one that made him need more than one strong drink.  However, his Master would not allow for delays in delivering his report.  He'd found the Stone, and that would please his Master to no end.   A few wounds was nothing compared to that.  

The echo of his boots rang all around, the only sound in this long-dead castle.  The only
inhabitant was Teren himself, ever since his Master had been sealed away by the self-proclaimed
Ansem the Wise some time ago.  If it hadn't been for Teren and his loyalty to Master Shade and
his cause, Ansem would have succeeded in his exiling.  But Teren had followed, searching for
his Master until he'd actually found him again.  After months and months of work, he'd found
this realm.  More time was required for him to find a way to communicate with Shade's trapped
soul.  Ever since he'd discovered how, Teren had been working for Master Shade, enabling his
plans to return to the physical plane.

Pain and aches filled his mind, giving him no choice.  He had to stop, catch his breath
and allow his vision to realign.  He stopped, leaning on the ledge of the window, staring out
along the horizon.  Compared to the stale, unchanging blue during the day that most worlds had,
the vibrant pinks, reds and yellows of the sky here in this realm were very entrancing.   He
especially loved how they flowed along the sky.  Once Master Shade's plan was completed, he
hoped people would return and make this plane a thriving place again.  Despite what he might
claim, he was lonely here.

Teren ground his nails along the ledge, angry with himself.  Master Shade's plan had
nearly failed because of him.  He had been careless and nearly been killed as he searched for the
Stone.  But he had been successful, and that would be all that would matter now.  He looked
down at his hand, seeing the fresh blood from the damage he had done to himself.  It was a start,
but he could punish himself for his carelessness later.  Master Shade was waiting for him.  He
sucked in his breath and endured the pain as he hobbled to the throne room.

He entered the vast room, ignoring the missing ceiling as it always made him feel queasy.
He saw the 'form' of his master on the throne, the outline of the shadow shifting, flowing, and
fading in and out.  "You are late.  It should not have taken you that long from when you arrived.
Did you get it?" Shade said, his voice reverberating around the room.

"Yes, Master.  My apologies Master.  The Nemeta Stone is yours."  He kneeled, sweeping his cloak away from his body, and held out the object.  It was a six-sided artifact with obscure markings along the outside and face of the stone.  The language it was marked with was one Teren was not familiar with, but Shade seemed to think this piece was very important.

"Excellent, child.  Your service has been noted and will be rewarded when my time has
come."  The Stone floated up out of Teren's hands and shot over in front of Shade.  If Teren
could have seen Shade's face, he'd have sworn he was smiling.  The form's piercing green eyes
glittered as though they hid some joke.  "I have been watching our unwitting helpers again.
They have done quite well.  They have destroyed Xehanort and his mad plan to collect the
hearts.  I even got to watch Ansem destroy himself.  It was delicious.  Your misdirection has
done quite well."

Teren nodded, feeling some measure of pride.  "Yes, Master.  Thank you Master." When
he looked up, however, he was unsure. 

"Do you doubt my plan, young servant?"  The shadows around Shade rippled.

"I just...I do not understand why you have not had me collect the Keyblade Master for
you yet."

"It is simple." Shade's form leaned forward, the representation of his body nearly fading
out completely, "He is not ready."  Teren was confused and Shade shook his head.  "I don't
expect you to understand yet.  Just trust me when I say that I need him to grow before I can use
him.  And he is doing my work for me, so it is all for the best."

"I guess Master, I just wonder if he will not become too strong for you.  I could not bear
losing you again."

"Do not worry Teren.  I have planned for that.  When the time comes, I will deal with
Sora and his friends myself.  And his defeat will be courtesy of Ansem the Wise."  Shade leaned
back and laughed, his 'body' shuddering with laughter.  Teren looked up, his dark brown eyes
curious.  He'd never seen Master Shade so happy.  Not since his imprisonment.

He waited to see if Master Shade would reveal more of his plan, but he never did to
Teren.  Not until it was time for his next task.  "I will leave then, Master, so you can study the
artifact."  He stood, grimacing in pain, bowing as he backed away.

"Teren, wait.  I have another task for you."

Teren stopped, wincing as he did.  He had hoped for a day of rest.  "Yes Master?"

"It would seem that the King is moving before I am ready for him.  He is heading for the
Keyblade Master as we speak, and our newest plan will be too late if he arrives."

Teren blinked, feeling a bit of fury rise in him.  The King was always interfering with
Master Shade.  Like Ansem the Wise, King Mickey was a major threat to the plans, and
dangerous.  They would need to be cautious with how they moved against him when the time
was right.  "What would you have me do, Master?"

Shade leaned back, grinning.  "Delay them."

Teren nodded, not asking how Shade wanted him to do so.  That was his job to figure out.
He bowed again.  "It will be done, Master.  If I may?"  Shade waved him away, gripping the
Nemeta Stone and drawing it into his plane of exile.  Teren turned and left, hurrying to the ship.
He had Heartless to find.  After all, what was a trip on a gummi ship without a little Heartless
interference?  If he timed it right, the Keyblade Master would be too entrenched in their plot for
even the King to pull him out.
This is my first attempt at a fan work and I hope people enjoy it and future writings I do. The story was inspired by a work by xav90. [link] Comments, critiques and compliments are all welcome. This follows an AU path after the end of Kingdom Hearts 2. Chapter 1 will follow shortly. There are some spoilers for those that have not played the games.

Standard Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any of the characters from the games. I wish I did. They are owned by either Square Enix or Disney and I have no right to them. Any characters I make up are my own.

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This is interesting! I wonder who really is the Master Shade. I have never played Kingdom Hearts before, but this story starts to be very intriguing. Who is the King?
Tymestalker Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
King Mickey ^^ 
CommnderShepard117 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
He is a King???
Tymestalker Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
In the Kingdom Hearts universe he is.  Donald's a mage and Goofy is a knight.
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You are very welcome!
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